Difference Between Google Panda and Google Penguin

For web masters and people dealing with search engine optimization and blogging the terms Google Panda and Google Penguin are not alien to them. Ever since they came into the market webmasters and entrepreneurs have been devising ways and means to create and develop the right combat plan against them. If you are new to Google Panda and Google Penguin this article will you an insight as to what they are mean and how they are different from one another.

Google Panda- An Introduction

Google Panda was launched by the search engine giant in 2011 to make changes in the algorithm of search engine results. This update targeted low quality and content websites. They were kept away from search engine ranks. Actual quality websites that were rich in content and information were given their due. As a result of this update there were several websites with large advertising, promotion, and low quality content that saw a rapid decline in their search engine ranks. Since 2011 there have been over twenty two updates till date by the search engine company under the said name.

Google Penguin- An Overview

This is an algorithm update from the search engine Google and was another blow to SEO experts. This update was launched in April 2012 and was targeted towards sites that breach the Webmaster Guidelines set by Google. The websites that did not meet these guidelines had their ranks decreased and they were penalized too. The websites that embraced black hat SEO techniques were penalized. These techniques included keyword stuffing, duplicate content and cloaking.

Recovery From Google Panda and Penguin Updates

Several webmasters were adversely affected by both the Panda and Penguin updates. Webmasters had to chalk out recovery plans to get back on track. When you have been hit by the Google Panda and Penguin updates you need to determine first which of the algorithms affected you the most and under what scale. Once you have found out the next step would be to audit the website. You have to assess and take everything into consideration that causes the penalty. This will give you an accurate picture and stop you from jumping to a wrong conclusion.

There are technical factors like broken links, thin content, page speed, duplicate content and more that may have been targeted. Once you have asserted where you had been wrong the next step for you is to wait. Now when you are making the changes you will find some development. Site performance may also increase.  However the change is not a significant one. You have to wait till the fresh update to check if the changes worked or not.

Therefore as a webmaster or an online entrepreneur it is very important for you to be aware of your website flaws before the Google Panda and Penguin strikes. Google is now taking stringent methods to enhance the user experience and this is why it is making sure there are quality websites with educative information for everyone to find and aces without hassles.


Engage The Three Pillars Of SEO For Better Page Ranks

Search Engine optimization has evolved in a big way and it is important for you to ensure you are updated with the latest developments in the market. You can never underestimate the importance of SEO in online marketing if you are looking for a competitive edge in the market today. In the recent past we have seen Google making some significant changes in its algorithm for penalizing websites using unfair practices to gain high search engine ranks. If you are making an endeavor to get noticed in the niche market and get maximum number of customers to your website you should understand the significance of SEO and its salient pillars of support. There are three major pillars that work in support for you and they are –

  • social media
  • content and
  • links

Let us now take a look at how the above three pillars make a positive impact on search engine ranks and results.

Three Pillars Of SEO

1. Social Media- With social media of your website you effectively are able to attract customers and gather the publicity you are looking for. Social media pages ensure you receive the best for better visibility and search engine optimization. For getting the best impact from social media you have to embrace it with the other two pillars listed below.

2.  Content-Content is King! The content you create should be informative, educative and full of helpful resources to the public. The use of keywords related to the niche service or product should be used wisely. When content is being written it should be kept in mind the points are relevant to the subject matter of the topic. The keywords should be placed at the correct places and they should not be used extensively. This gives rise to keyword stuffing and creates an adverse effect on search engine ranks. Websites with content that use too many keywords are penalized and this affects their online visibility drastically. Accurate placement of keywords distributed evenly through the article will help you get better visibility and targeted traffic.

3. Links- This is the last but not the least important aspect of better SEO for websites and search engines. For being a responsible web master it is important for you to improve the quantity and the quality of inbound links. In fact this should be the major target for every webmaster on the Internet. It is important for you to build quality inbound links to authority websites for giving a good boost to your business. These links are able to give you the credible and informative websites people would love to visit again and again. This technique also enhances the page ranks and you will find the visibility of your page getting better.  This gives you a boost over others. In this manner you also are able to get the competitive edge in the market. As a webmaster it is very important for you to exercise caution and engage in fair SEO practices for better page ranks and improved targeted traffic.

Therefore, if you are looking for the best results from SEO it is important for you to combine all these three pillars and see positive results for yourself!

Has Link Building Been Murdered By Social Media and Content?

Since 2010 there has been a lot of evolution and movement in the search engine optimization industry. Google suddenly broke slumber with its stringent Panda and Penguin updates. Today old traditional techniques have taken a backseat and social media alongside content are here to rule. In the wake of this major change there have been agencies changing the names of their services to content marketing, search management and social media management. Now the question arises- have these changes killed link building today? Read on to find out the answer.

The Scenario Of Link Building Today…

When it comes to link building today the Google updates have affected it in a large manner. Content and social media have shot into prominence. if you are a web entrepreneur or a webmaster it is important for you to evaluate your website and clean up. You have to examine the site and look out for stuffed keywords and their presence in anchor links. Other things to clean is spamming. The trick here to create informative content that can be shared along with social activity and more interaction.

When you create new resourceful content you must ensure you do not post it on every possible blog or forum you find. You should resort to building links naturally. This can be done with the effective integration of social media into your website. You should build up a small fan following by writing articles that are of use and help readers get the information in a simple manner. You can use RSS Feed or a newsletter to catch the wants of your customers.

The following are five key rules for link building post Google Penguin Update

  • Instant links do not work anymore. This is why you should target individuals and convince them you are worth being connected to. Merely dropping comments on their blogs will not work.
  • You should think out of the box and go beyond written content. You should connect your YouTube account to the website owned by you. you get the advantages of bonuses drawn in by intra links.
  • There are Press Release websites that have come to the forefront and they give you a good entry point to target highly reputed websites that have the capacity of making their own decisions on whether they should share or not.
  • Focus on co-citation link building. This link building does not have mentions of brand and is devoid of anchor text. This is why most individuals do not even see the potential and value of it. This is a powerful option for you.
  • The last thing you should do is go in for a Google Authorship. For this you need a Google + profile. The content you create is linked to the profile and you get authorship rights to it.

Therefore, from the above it is evident that you should be cautious about link building and be updated on the latest developments of Google. You should always use analytical tools to evaluate site performance and not jump to conclusions without accurate findings!

Discover The Relationship Between SEO and Keywords

Search Engine Optimization For Better Visibility

Web entrepreneurs have the common target of seeing their sites on the top of search engine results. The Internet is a fiercely competitive market and a wrong step may be dear. For getting optimal results from your website it is important for you to invest in professional search engine optimization services. SEO professionals will work round the clock to ensure you get better visibility on the net and more targeted traffic to your website.

The Importance Of Keywords

When you are the owner of a website with the intent of doing serious business online, it is important for you to take time type and understand the significance of keywords. Keywords need to be deployed currently in your online marketing strategy to attract more consumers. The appropriate keywords always have to be used in the headings to give you better visibility and ranks on search engines. When you are choosing keywords it is prudent to make them match the theme of the niche you are promoting.

Keywords In Headings- Right Usage

When you are selecting keywords for headings they should be very short in description. The ideal length is 1-5 words. The subject matter of the content has to be followed with precision if you wish to get the right results. When you are incorporating keywords you must give them relevance as per their priority. The same technique also has to be applied when you are framing anchor text. When you have inserted keywords in the anchor text you will find there is a link to another location of the website where your visitors are able to get more information. This in turn acts as a message to visitors and enhances the theme of the website as well.

How To Increase The Visibility Of Relevant Keywords?

In order to attract better visibility and engage more customers it is very important for you to place the keywords in the image alts of the website. This makes the theme stronger and compelling. However when you are placing these keywords in the alt text it is to be noted that the keywords placed must be relevant to the image. Their length should also be appropriate to the size of the image used in the website. When you are placing keywords in a website you have to ensure the placement of these keywords are not used extensively in the website. This leads to stuffing and creates a bad impact on search engine ranks.

Beware Of Keyword Stuffing

When you are looking for better visibility and higher page ranks online it is important for you to check the number of times you place the keywords. Excessive use of keywords result in spamming. Search engines do not accept this and it leads to penalization affecting page ranks adversely. In conclusion, it can be safely said keywords should be used relevant to the subject matter and they must make complete sense to the user for you to get the best results in the market!

Cost Benefits Of SEO For Small Businesses

The online web has many players jostling for space to stand out. If you are a small business and wish to make a dominant presence in the market you do not have to invest hugely on marketing campaigns. With tight budgets and other core tasks to look into it may be impossible for you to create the impact you are looking for. It is here search engine optimization comes in to help. SEO is cost effective and ensures you get the best when it comes to reaching out to a global audience from a single platform at pocket friendly rates!

How Does SEO Help?

Search engine optimization is a very effective tool when it comes to marketing and promotion on the World Wide Web. If you have a website you need to optimize its presence and reach out to the targeted audience with success. When you are analyzing organic listings on the Internet it is prudent to consider the costs that are involved in the process. When you compare to Adwords and PPC you will find SEO is more easy and convenient. It gives you consistent results and better success with the passage of time.

Benefits Of SEO For Small Businesses

When you opt for search engine optimization you no longer have to incur costs for PPC or even keep aside a budget for advertising. The SEO costs are affordable for most as there are many packages available. The best part of opting for SEO services is that you effectively are able to get consistent and regular traffic to your website. With regular SEO you effectively are able to get the results you are looking for. Your website gets consistent traffic and this helps in the page ranks becoming better. Your online visibility increases and you can save money on investing in advertisements.

Use Analytic Tools To Determine The Success Of Your Website

When you are investing in SEO and seeing a marked improvement into targeted traffic it is important for you to monitor performance with the aid of analytic tools. These reporting tools help you in a large manner to enhance inbound traffic and get better lead conversions. With SEO friendly professionals and packages you effectively are able to enhance the success of your website. You get a competitive edge in the market and this boosts your business to a very large extent.

Invest In Credible SEO Professionals For Your Small Scale Business

When you are going in for SEO services you should always check into the authenticity and credibility of the SEO service provider. These service providers have a number of packages that are available for your type of business. You can opt for one that caters to your individual needs with success. SEO has better reach and if you are looking out for the global market it is very important for you to ensure you have the right service provider to cater to your needs. With the help of these services you can save money and also get a competitive edge in the market without hassles at all!